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Hello and Thank you for stopping by!

My name is Yara Mel and this digital space is my creative outlet for writing, styling, photography and creative direction.

Desiring Style, Mel, Etc is a destination for those pursuing inspiration for personal development, style and travel. My aim is that my readers have a worthwhile time scrolling through posts and pictures that I create and capture with love. Ideally you will leave this website desiring something, simply because desires move us.

“What is the most important thing in life? To own or to desire?

                                                                                 To desire. To desire is the secret.” – Nicola Trussardi


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My acknowledgment to Minimalism and Sustainability:

Suggested read: A New Way To Blog My Style

Styling outfits with the latest trends has always been the core content of my blog and the overall reason I started blogging. However, after watching Minimalism and True Cost on Netflix, and dedicating days into researching the negative impact of the fashion industry to the environment, my views in regards to shopping changed significantly and so did the style content on my blog and on my Youtube Channel.

  • I developed the Re-wear Series, which are Lookbook videos centered on styling the same clothing item in different ways.
  • I became an advocate of a wardrobe built on neutral colors and classic styles in order to maximize pairing options.
  • I became an advocate of ‘thrifting’ and shopping second-hand.
  • I decided to prioritize working with brands that produce ethically.

For these reasons, I refrain from using affiliate links directing my readers to ‘Fast Fashion’ options of similar items to the ones I am wearing. My style posts are solely inspirational because I believe most of my outfits are easy to re-create.
We don’t need to buy the latest trends in order to be stylish. We just need to find new ways to style, re-use and re-purpose. By doing so we find fulfillment with much less and we help save the world.

My Youtube Videos are ‘Saver Friendly’. They are all about giving you ideas on how to make the most out of what you may already have on your wardrobe.

Here are 3 worth watching videos:

  1. 5 Hacks to Save Money Shopping Online
  2. Trends I’m Not Buying
  3. How To Shop For Sales

Hope these were enough reasons to make you come back for more!

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