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EN – First style related post of the year I am really happy to tell you guys that I will be making changes on my approach to style blogging. I am leaving the same ole’ way of style blogging behind. I am taking a new and very exciting direction when it comes to the Style category here on my blog.



                    Why am I making changes?

Well, in 3 bullet points…

  • Since I first started blogging  (back in 2011) my main goal was to inspire my readers by being a source of style and lifestyle inspiration.
  • Fast forwarding to now, the ‘blogosphere’ has been undergoing significant change and growth. Blogs are now hardcore businesses and my desire to grow this into one is a gradual increasing graph.
  • However, the will and need to inspire through my creativity –above all– continues to speak louder than the will to sell ever will. Hence when it comes to the Style scope of this blog, I really do not want it to be just another girl showing what she is wearing and linking similar items through affiliates.


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As an avid reader of blogs, I can’t help the feeling that style blogging became a little too repetitive and as a blogger myself I became bored of doing just as everyone else.

This realization got me re-thinking about the purpose of the Style category here on my blog and arriving to the conclusion that I am desperately in need for a change – an upgrade. I just don’t want to be a part of the mass and most importantly I want to feel more fulfilled by creating a more worthy content. The past few days since after I finished my exams, have been completely devoted to me brainstorming about how I can get my whole blog to the level that I desire…

and I decided that it would be good to take you guys along a new ride as I now also changed my shopping habits for the better. I really am no longer at the stage in which I feel the need to buy any clothing item without a prior analysis of the necessity and cost-per-wear and that’s what I would continue doing If I kept on simply posting outfits with trendy pieces every week or so. I now give more value to my money and choose to shop for classic, complementary pieces and accessories with higher quality that will last longer on my wardrobe. The main consequence of my new shopping habits is a new direction of my style content – here on the blog and on my Youtube Channel.

On a nutshell,

I want to inspire you to fall in love with what you already have on your wardrobe. 

We don’t always have to buy new clothes. Sometimes we just need to find new ways to style, re-use and re-purpose. I am willing to give you all some creative and fun insight on how to do it. This new direction is utterly exciting because it challenges me to become way more creative, which is not a problem at all. My pleasure.

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Yara Mel

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