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    Escape to Magaruque


    Location: Magaruque Mozambique

                                    Magaruque Island, Mozambique

    EN – It was time to expand the horizons and see what the Bazaruto Archipelago had to offer. Magaruque Island was our island of choice and it is only a few minutes away from the Vilaknulo bay . To get there we had previously purchased a trip to the island with Dolphin Dhow  and this group did an amazing job on taking us there and cooking us a great meal while we enjoyed our time having a walk around the island. The walk was fun, but I must give away that Magaruque has its obstacles and surprises along its way. And oh! On our way back we got to see dolphins.

    All in all, to say that it was all worth it is an understatement. The pictures speak for themselves.

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